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Find out about InvisaPC, the extension and remote desktop solution for KVM, HD video, and virtual desktops.

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KVM extension, switching, and remote desktop solution

  ServSwitch InvisaPC

ServSwitch™ InvisaPC - Virtual Desktop Computing

Connectivity to Virtual Machines.

InvisaPC a brand new technology

  • IP-based KVM extension and switching between traditional computers and virtual machines.
  • Unbeatable low bandwidth requirements.
  • Highly scalable solution with low deployment costs.

The InvisaPC™ bridges the gap between IP-based KVM extension and switching applications and access to virtual machines. Use an InvisaPC receiver as a direct portal to virtual machines, especially Microsoft RDP 7.1 and RDP 8, to redirect digital video, USB keyboard and mouse, audio and vUSB to distant users over IP.

The InvisaPC requires a host with an operating system and associated Client Access Licenses (CALs). However, the InvisaPC doesn’t require any drivers or software to be installed on computers. This hardware-based solution is plug-and-play, directly connecting to the network interface right out of the box.

Soft migration from real to virtual machines.

Free 30 Minute ConsultationThe InvisaPC solution provides the ability of a smooth migration from real desktops towards a virtual server landscape. The system provides integrated support for back-racked PCs and virtual desktops. In particular the design addresses applications with a mix of both worlds — without changing the front end for the user. Desktop virtualisation is deployed through a PC or server that hosts multiple virtual desktops. The workstations can be running Mac®, Linux®, or Microsoft® operating systems using an InvisaPC transmitter. Using an InvisaPC transmitter, the system supports digital video, digital audio, and USB peripheral extension across IP networks. It is standards-based, so there are no upgrades to equipment, software licensing, or remote management — plus, no time-consuming IT visits.

InvisaPC Application Diagram

Traditional Point-to-Point Extension over IP.

With the InvisaPC solution, computers are removed from the desktop and are relocated within a secure, climate-controlled equipment room connected to an InvisaPC transmitter. Each user has his/her own keyboard, monitor, mouse, and peripheral setup connected to an InvisaPC receiver delivering a high performance real time experience. It’s just like running any application on a local CPU without any performance issues.

The clients and the back-racked servers are connected via standard LAN or WAN infrastructure. The bandwidth requirements of the system are very low. For example, with the InvisaPC, transmitting a 1080p movie only requires 35-Mbps bandwidth. The low bandwidth requirements even allow an extension over the Internet with very low latency or sharing even corporate networks without utilising too much bandwidth.


Switched Extension.

Connected to a Virtual Machine, one InvisaPC receiver supports up to 16 RDP, RDP7.1/8 targets. The same receiver can also be connected with up to 16 InvisaPC transmitters/servers. That way each InvisaPC receiver supports switching between 32 soft and hard targets. The settings can be copied from one receiver to another to ease the setup, while user profiles may be configured on the receiver to restrict targets. Multiple receivers may be used to create a matrix switch via the network, too without any management requirements.

InvisaPC - Front and Rear Layout


Adapts to growing needs.

InvisaPC can easily be adapted to meet your requirements. Start with a small switching system that enables one user access to different computers and virtual machines. Gradually, the system can be expanded into a switching matrix. Future management software will also allow larger switching matrices, as well as integration into existing network authentication systems such as LDAP or Active Directory.

Flexible remote access ensures a convenient working environment.

The clients operate extremely quietly — no fan noise to distract users from their work. The power consumption is about 3 watts per unit which, compared to a desktop PC, is 100 times more energy efficient. The InvisaPC client, with its space-saving design, can even be mounted behind the monitor screen.

Moving to cloud computing with a zero client device like the InvisaPC enables IT managers to make their department more flexible and responsive.

Real cost savings.

InvisaPC optimises cost-effective deployments by basing the scale of the deployment on the solution need. It can be scaled from branch offices to large enterprise corporations. Plus, lower power consumption translates into lower utility bills for you.

  • IP-based LAN/WAN solution for extension and switching of DVI-D video, USB-HID, vUSB, vMedia and bi-directional stereo audio.
  • Offers point-to-point extension over IP (in real time over a LAN or with low latency over the Internet), switched extension with up to 16 targets and up to 16 remote access connections to virtual machines per receiver.
  • Extreme low bandwidth requirements with max. 35-Mbps for 1080p motion picture.
  • Enables soft migration from desktop computing to virtual computing without sacrificing performance.
  • Scalable solution—start small as an extension and grow to a matrix switching system with the ability to add management as needed.
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP 7.1/8 with Remote FX) delivers seamless rich media, USB redirection, and enhanced security and compliance.
  • Integrates with Microsoft® MS Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 SPJ for RDP 7.1/8 and Remote FX.
  • Single- and dual-head DVI video options.
  • Maximum resolution up to 1920 x 1200.
  • Compact Fan-less design: 162x110x32 mm improves ergonomics at the user desk.
  • Standard Warranty — 1 Year
  • Extended Warranty — 1 Year or 3 Years

Broadcasting Applications

News Truck


Mobile Broadcasting

Outside broadcast vans (OBVs) and satellite news gathering (SNG) vehicles are often equipped beyond their approved weight loads. With the InvisaPC onboard, heavy computers are replaced with a single server with multiple virtual machines. In no way does this switch compromise the number of requests or performance.
Additionally, the solution means more room in a small space, reduced noise, and reduced heat and thermal radiation from multiple computers.

Graphic Design

InvisaPC enables graphic artists in various fields to share expensive software hosted on one or multiple back-racked target computers. For instant orders, the user will always get immediate remote access to the server pool. Even for design applications requiring high performance, InvisaPC users experience no difference at the display, and no drop in usability compared to a local workstation.

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