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G.SHDSL Two-Wire Extender/NTU
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LB510A-R2: Desktop, 2 wires, 4.6 Mbps, 90-240 VAC

G.SHDSL Two-Wire Extender/NTU

Extend corporate LAN-to-WAN communications at higher speeds or at longer distance.

  • Use just two wires to extend your network and achieve G.SHDSL performance!
  • Provides data rates up to 5.7 Mbps over 2-wire, voice-grade wiring.
  • Selectable 64-kbps rates enable you to choose the bandwidth you need.
  • Supports distances up to 16 km at lower speeds over 19 AWG wiring.
  • Has 4-Port integrated 10/100 Ethernet switch.
  • Probes voice-grade wiring to determine the optimum data rate supported.
  • Supports G.994.2 handshaking, enabling it to adapt the rate automatically to the existing line conditions.
  • Simple to set up and, once configured, operates transparently.
  • Transformer-coupled two-wire interface boasts 1500-VAC isolation.
  • Works with other extender/NTUs to provide interface conversion along with network termination and extension.
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2 wires
4.6 Mbps
90-240 VAC
  G.SHDSL Two-Wire Extender/NTU  
G.SHDSL Two-Wire Extender/NTU
  LB510A-R2 Warehouse clearance  
NOTE: Actual distance and link performance may vary depending on the environment and gauge and type of wire you use.
NOTE: Must be used in pairs.
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G.SHDSL Two-Wire Extender/NTU Datasheet
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