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USB Extender Buyer's Guide

Choose from our selection of CATx and Fibre USB Extenders with ranges up to 10km

USB Extender Guide
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Extend your USB connections over LAN, CATx or fibre optic cabling. Find the combination of number of ports and distance available in the matrix below, to see which Black Box USB extender will fulfill your needs. For more product details, hover your cursor over the bullets.

Ports   1 2 4
USB 1.1 40 metres    
  50 metres    
USB 2.0 100 metres
USB 2.0 100 metres    
Fibre Optic (Multimode)        
USB 2.0 500m    
USB 3.0 100m    
Fibre Optic (Single-mode)        
USB 2.0 10km    

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