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Infrastructure Solutions for Communication Network

Integrating lasting and reliable equipment in their Network Infrastructure is a key issue for the IT Managers, particularly in the sector of Public Administration. For this reason, many of them are choosing Black Box.

  • Racks and Cabinets, available in many sizes to stow copper or fiber patch panels, switches, manageable power outlets.
  • Fiber and Copper testers. Among our customers, many Network Administrators who work in the Municipalities use the Black Box testers. Using these testers allow them to identify breakdowns and to measure the bandwidth without resorting to external service provider.
  • Fiber and Copper cable. The quality of the cable guarantees the network performance. The Black Box patch cables – lab tested- exceed performance specifications standard. Black Box also offers patch cable for special use in order to:
  • Protect publicly accessible network connections. See LockPORT CAT5e/CAT6 LockPORT patch cables.
  • Save room in crowded cabinets. See SpaceGAIN Patch Cables and Panels.

Network extension

  • Ethernet Extender. Exceeding the 100-meter remote connection allowed by the Ethernet standard is a frequent request from the Public Authorities when the offices buildings are separate. The Ethernet Extenders –using G.SHDSL and VDSL technologies, for instance-provide an affordable LAN connection across existing phone wires.
  • The media converters enable LAN networks connections via optic Fiber Cable.

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