What KVM offers.

What a ServSwitch™ offers.

Reduce costs on monitors.
Why hop from workstation to work-station? With a ServSwitch™, a user can access as many CPUs as he or she wants from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. Simply switch between CPUs with the push of a button or a keyboard command.

Reduce required space.
Why have two computers along with two keyboards, monitors and mice on your desktop? Save desk space by tucking CPUs under the desk and keeping just one key-board, monitor and mouse on the desktop. Save even more space by racking servers and managing them all with a ServSwitch.

Reduce time exposure.
Why buy individual monitors for computers that are only in use part of the time? With a ServSwitch, two or more computers can easily share a single monitor.

Reduce cooling costs.
A monitor generates a lot of heat. The power costs for air conditioning to remove this heat can be almost as much as the direct power costs of the monitor. By sharing monitors, one can save on direct power costs and cooling expenses.

Reduce use of electricity.
By sharing monitors, a company or organisation can not only cut its electric bill but also do something good for the environment.

Save on maintenance.
With a ServSwitch, there are fewer cables to manage, fewer boxes to dust, fewer repair-men to call and fewer worn-out components to replace.

Improve efficiency
ServSwitch technology also improves efficiency of maintenance personnel by offering ergonomic access to servers and reduction of time-consuming access paths.

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