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10 Gigabit

10 Gigabit.

In the year 1830, "The Rocket" was the fastest train travelling between Liverpool and Manchester at the speed of 48 km/h. At that time, people thought that nobody would ever have the need to travel faster than 50 km/h.
In the year 1983, the official IEEE Standard for Ethernet running on BNC/Coax was released. The speed was 10 Mbps half-duplex. Back then nobody was arguing about bandwidth because we music, video and voice were not submitted. But technology always moves on. What yesterday seemed impossible is normal by tomorrow. When sending music, video and more across the network, you can never have "enough" bandwidth.
The new LBG6000 and LBG9000 switch series from Black Box provide you now with 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology. They support fibre optic and copper interfaces that are available and reliable. For copper, the CX4 interface is available. You can use this for connecting servers or interconnecting switches. Because the distance is very limited, you should use fibre optic cabling for your long-distance connections.
You may find RJ45 interfaces for 10 Gigabit equipment. That "standard" requires that the cabling is done in a specific way and needs special cable material and connectors. 10 Gigabit on RJ45 uses a line encoding scheme.
You may also find equipment with XENPAK modules. These module types are already phased out. Currently the XFP module type is the main standard for connecting 10 Gigabit to fibre. The maximum distance you can go very much depends on the fibre cable you have installed. See our web entry LBG300C for XFP modules with the corresponding distance table.
Getting into 10 Gigabit network technology begins with the question, what am I going to do?
Normally you go for new switches to have more backbone and aggregation bandwidth. Installing a 10 Gigabit Network Interface Card like EXP9501 into your file or application server may also be necessary to benefit from your investment. For a complete enterprise-sized DTX5000 keyboard video mouse and USB distribution system, you may need one LBG9900AE as the core switch with the appropriate number and type of XFP Modules and several LBG6550AE for the DTX5000 Transmitters and Receivers.

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