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Unified Communications

Unified Communications
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Drive efficiency and progress with the right unified communications solution by Black Box. Now more than ever, users expect to be able to communicate anytime from anywhere. Equally as compelling as the user experience, businesses can improve productivity and responsiveness while reducing their IT costs through an effective unified communications strategy.

Unifying your communications represents a whole new way of looking at your infrastructure. The convergence of voice, video, and data communications on an IP network allows users to easily make a call, send or retrieve a message, or join an audio or video conference. Unified communications solutions are flexible and scalable and include the following benefits:

  • Simplified system administration and maintenance
  • Potentially lower network costs by eliminating multiple sets of infrastructure
  • Improved user and customer experience that leverages voice, video, and data

With a robust portfolio of unified communications solutions and applications from today's leading communications manufacturers–and more than 30 years of experience–Black Box is the right partner to recommend, design, implement, and manage a unified communications solution that will drive efficiency, productivity, and cost savings for your company.

Black Box can unify your communications.

Now is the perfect time to talk to Black Box about how to improve your operations through unified communications.

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