MediaCento IPX PoE

MediaCento IPX

Use MediaCento™ IPX PoE Multicast for faster, more efficient HD video extension over IP.


HD video and audio over Ethernet to up to 250 screens

MediaCento IPX Multicast: A digital IP-based solution for the future at an analogue price!

Transmit HD video and audio over an Ethernet network to up to 250 screens.

NEW: Display up to 4K video/audio across your LAN with MediaCento IPX 4K.

In addition to easy setup and matrix switching and control, key features include:

  • USB support for touch screens or other USB devices
  • Built-in scaler for compatibility with non-4K UHD displays
  • Analog audio support
  • Improved compression for high-quality images

Use an existing LAN for HD video distribution with MediaCento™ IPX PoE Multicast from Black Box.

This attractively priced IP streaming solution multicasts HDMI® video and audio to up to 250 screens on a TCP/IP network. You need just one transmitter and up to 250 receivers.

The extender transmits up to 100 metres per link, but goes even longer with additional repeaters or switches added. For this reason, it boasts virtually unlimited maximum distances, extending as far as your network reaches.

Plus, it operates completely digital from end to end, so your digital content is never compromised. Featuring visually lossless compression, MediaCento IPX PoE Multicast transmits full 1080p video no matter what the distance or the number of screens.

MediaCento IPX diagram

Ideal for a number of applications.

MediaCento IPX PoE Multicast is perfect for any place you want to use your Ethernet network for HD video distribution instead of running expensive dedicated links from a source to screens.

Use it for:

  • Digital signage applications where you have screens in different buildings or stores.
  • Hospital campuses where you need to share high-quality medical imaging video.
  • Streaming video to classrooms in schools or universities.
  • Multicasting video in command and control room setups.
  • Corporate video sharing and training applications.

…or anywhere you want to use an existing LAN for video extension.


Easy to integrate into your network.

Because the MediaCento IPX PoE Multicast components install directly into your existing LAN infrastructure, integration is easy.

The technology uses existing standards-based Ethernet technology and TCP/IP protocols, and it works in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configurations. Just plug in as many receivers as you need at your remote screens.

Plus, there’s no need to configure any IP settings. Simply use rotary switches to set the transmitter and receivers to the same channel and all IP multicasting settings are automatically configured; then just connect your source, your display(s), and a network switch. It’s ready to go!

For the best performance, be sure to use MediaCento IPX PoE Multicast with a Layer 2 or 3 switch that has IGMP capabilities.

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Six reasons to choose the MediaCento IPX PoE Extender

  1. Simple to install and configure.
    No advance knowledge of video and IP technology is required. For this reason, it’s ideal for AV installers and end users looking for an easy way to distribute 1080p content.
  2. Fits easily into any network architecture.
    The technology is based on standardized Ethernet protocols. Just use a network switch with IGMP to control the multicast traffic over a LAN.
  3. Can save cabling costs.
    It uses the same Ethernet network cabling you likely already have installed, so no new AV or CATx cabling is needed. These PoE models including locking HDMI and power connectors.
  1. Easy to scale for additional screen connectivity.
    A single transmitter can deliver multimedia to hundreds of displays. No transmitter upgrade will be required later. Simply purchase additional receivers for additional screen connections.
  2. Provides real-time video transmission.
    Because it transmits high-quality video with ultra-low latency, it’s ideal for command and control applications as well as any live presentations.
  3. No extra video scaler is needed.
    The VRX receivers optionally scale video on a video wall matrix. No additional hardware is required, and all types of standard HDMI/DVI displays can be used for the video wall.

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