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KVM Solutions

In a Central or Local Administration, IT equipments must ensure safe operations, be controlled and administrated. In this specialized field, Black Box has a significant and large expertise and proposes a wide selection of professional KVM switches and extenders.

The range of Black Box KVM switches fulfills the specific core requirements of Public Administrations:

  • High level of security for sensitive data and user credentials with the ServSwitch Secure family range.
  • KVM over IP access. See the See the ServSwitch DTX family or the ServSwitch Agility.
  • Support (both from users and servers sides) on multiple interface standards: USB, RS-232, Sun, serial, stereo audio.
  • Remote monitoring of 1 up to “n” machines.
  • Control by 1,2,3 or multiple users with the commutation Matrix ServSwitch Octet and the ServSwitch DKM FX.
  • Support on Analog (VGA) or Digital (DVI, HDMI) video.
  • Advanced features such as No-Loss Video, real time switching, multilayered switching, etc.
  • Local or IP Centralized Management Systems for data centers
  • KVM Trays to set up in the server room cabinets.

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