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In recent years digital technology has changed significantly. In the UK alone, up to £300 million per year is spent on the surveillance industry with an estimated 300,000 cameras covering shopping areas, schools, housing estates, car parks and both public and private buildings. A recent survey suggests that people in the UK are caught on camera up to 200 times while travelling to work.

The industry has expanded from these areas to include the data centre and computer room environment. IP security is taking over from conventional analogue CCTV and access control systems, and although these products are currently more costly than their analogue counterparts, this cost will reduce as more devices come on to the market. These cameras and systems can use the same cabling systems as computer networks, which can simplify the cabling and at the same time reduce the cost of installation.

Black Box recognises the growth in the market and the swing towards IP surveillance solutions. We can provide a variety of products to our customers, enabling them to have a system that monitors anything from a single cabinet to large multi access systems covering computer floors, offices and the outside of buildings.

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Using Power over Ethernet technology we can provide and install a system without the added cost of electrical sockets being required near or next to each device. Most systems are simple to install and run, using the same infrastructure as the current data network in most buildings. Black Box project managers are Prince 2 and BICSI trained and have the experience and knowledge to carry out the largest or smallest of projects. Black Box has BICSI RCDD designers on hand to help you with all your security requirements.

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