Solid vs. stranded cable.

Solid vs. Stranded patch Cable

UTP Solid Cable

For runs between two wiring centres or from the wiring centre to a wallplate, choose our regular UTP cable. These solid-conductor cables, designed for horizontal and backbone cable runs, should not be flexed, bent or twisted repeatedly.

UTP Stranded Patch Cable

Use stranded patch cables for connecting your workstation NICs to the wallplate with patch panels and with other equipment such as hubs. Since it's made with stranded conductors, our patch cable is excellent for applications that call for repeated flexing without damaging the cable.

Since attenuation is higher in standard cables than in solid-conductor cables, you should try to keep these cables runs short to lower the chance of introducing even more attenuation into your system. It's best to keep lengths of stranded patch cables under 6.0 metres.

Stranded and Solid cable

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