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  Digital Signage, also known as electronic signs, electronic displays, flat panel displays, video signage, video advertising networks, retail display networks, networked displays, menu boards, media displays, plasma screens, LCD screens, LED signage, audio-visual signage, AV displays, narrowcasting, screen media place-based media, digital merchandising, digital media networks

Digital Signage

Black Box can take care of all your Digital Signage needs 
Black Box offers design, installation, maintenance and support for your Digital Signage installation and infrastructure.

What is Digital Signage
With a digital signage solution from Black Box Network Services, you can reach your audience with attention-getting video and audio displayed on LCD panels, plasma screens, LED displays, video walls, monitors, and more.

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Why Digital Signage from Black Box
  • One company, one solution (hardware, software, installation, content development).
  • Scalable from one to many screens.
  • A one-time investment with no ongoing licensing, maintenance, or upgrade fees.
  • No learning curve; easy for beginners to master.
  • Supports links to touch screens and motion detection devices.
  • Eliminates IT and security headaches.

How to use Digital Signage
  • General information – weather, (local) news, travel information, safety information as fire exits, etc.
  • Company information – corporate or local information, messages, upcoming events, news, etc.
  • Branding – in-store or during events, as a marketing tool for promotion and to build brand identity.
  • Advertisement – location related (for example lunch menu) or audience related (products the audience might be interested in as well).
  • Customer behavior – directions and instructions during occasions as trade fairs or sporting events.
  • Improve customer experience - commercial-, safety- or news messages and reduction of perceived delays in waiting areas and queues, for example airports, hospitals and stores.

Black Box Webshop
Black Box provides the latest technology products for building a manageable digital signage system.

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